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Own Real Estate At Pennies On The Dollar 

Own Real Estate With 50-90% Profit Margins

State Of The Art Software

With state of the art software you can buy Real Estate at an average of 12 CENTS on the dollar.

Build Your Portfolio

Own Real Estate at PROFIT MARGINS from 50-90%!

Buy Leads At Your Own Pace

Fit your budget each month with 1 lead to unlimited

Expert Training By Industry Leader

Learning Real Estate can take years.  Not with our system. We have simplified the process for beginners.

Helping People In Need

You will be helping people who have lost their property or are in the process of losing their property.

Our Goal Is To Help You

Our goal is to not sell you leads. Our goal is to help you buy properties at pennies on the dollar, while helping others losing their homes. 

Why Choose Us?

What We Offer You

  • Introduction to buying properties at pennies on the dollar.
  • Purchase Real Estate leads at an average of 12 cents on the dollar.
  •  Distressed Commercial and Residential Properties, Pre and Post Foreclosure.
  • See mortgage history and much more.

What You'll Receive

  • Key relationship building strategies to close deals. 
  • Get access to manage your property leads with our state of the art software.
  • Strategy calls training from Experts.
  • Online Training
  • Data Streams to help you make an educated decision.
  • Property owners contact info.

State Of The Art Streams

  • MLS quality data to evaluate properties.
  • Contact information per property including; phone numbers, emails, and social media.
  • You receive qualified investment leads from our state of the art software.

Guranteed Leads

If you do not acquire a signed contract after your first 50 qualified  leads, then we will give you 50 NEW leads FREE!

Our primary goal is to not sell you leads. Our goal is to help you buy properties at pennies on the dollar, while helping others losing their homes. 

"In my first month I made $98,000"

Clint Ratliff closed his first deal in a month. He made $98,000 after working with a property owner in only a week. 

"Last week alone with their leads I sent out 9 contracts."

Thomas Protze speaks of thew quality f the leads he uses and multiple contracts he acquires for properties with 50-980% margins.  

" I bought a mobile home park for $1,000 in 2.5 hours!"

Cathy Alford shares her experience with your state of the art software. In 2.5 hours she was able to acquire a mobile home park at Scott Lumley's Real Estate Mastermind. It took 3 calls. That's the power of this software. 

"I'm 22 and I've already gotten 2 contracts from these leads

Clayton Stackelbeck says these leads are awesome and affordable. 

"It's a lot simpler than I thought."

Caleb Kierspe and Andrew Feldman speak of their experience with the software, their training and results from one weekend of training. 

A distressed property owner's perspective

You have the opportunity to help people in distressed situations who are losing their properties. Here's an account from one of the families that our software has helped. 

"I have learned so much it's crazy to me"

Clint Ratliff says "With the assistance of Scott Lumley I have gained so much knowledge it os crazy to me!"

"The Software is amazing to use!"

Clayton Stackelbeck shares his experience with of our state of the art software. 

"I rate it 10 stars!"

Cathy Alford shares her experience with the software. 

"I can run a Software to change my life"

Kaitlyn speaks of her experience in acquiring a contract of a property without a mortgage. 

"I'm sure Scott Lumley can teach you a lot."

"Scott has taught me a tremendous amount about Real Estate."

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